Prof. Sameer Sapra
Head, Central Research Facility
Department of Chemistry
Tel.: +91-11-2659 1561 (O)
Email :
(Don’t enquire HOD regarding sample testing)

Prof. Manidipa Banerjee
Associate Head, Central Research Facility
Kusuma School of Biological Sciences
Tel.: +91-11-2659-7538 (O)
Email :
(Don’t enquire to Associate HOD regarding sample testing)

Mr. Kuldeep Sharma
Principal Project Scientist
(CRF Web Site Incharge) (SEM / FESEM - EDX Instrument Lab, CRF Bookings)
SEM Central Research Facility Block 5th LT 1
Tel.: 011-2659 6645
Email :

Dr. Bhupender Singh
Principal Technical Officer
(CRF Administration,  Co- Coordinator APT Facility ,  Training  & CRF Workshops Incharge ) 
Room No.V-A- 12 
(Between Block V & VI)
Tel.: +91-11-2654 8484
Email :

Ms. Kumud Arora
Principal Project Scientist
(FESEM Incharge, CRF Establishment (Hauz Khas & Sonipat Campus), SATHI Management)
CRF Office, LT-1, Block-5
Email :
Tel.: 011-2659-7947(O)

Mr. Akshey Kaushal
Principal Project Scientist (Cryo HRTEM , HRTEM Instruments)
Cryo HRTEM Lab Ground Floor Kusuma School of Biological Sciences
Tel.: 011-2659-7503
Email :

Mr. Mohit Kumar
Sr. Project Scientist(Femto Laser Cutting and SEM instruments)SEM LAB Block V LT-1
Tel.: 011-2659 6645
Email :

Dr. Naminita Gogoi
Principal Project Scientist
(ICP-MS Instrument)
Room No. I-233
DBEB Department
Tel.: 011-2659 6390
Email :

Mr. Mahesh Soni
Senior Project Scientist
(FESEM - EDX Instrument, Ultramicrotome, EPMA )
CRF LT 1 Block V
Tel.: 011-2659 6645
Email :

Ms. Aastha Sharma
Sr. Project Scientist
(CRF FESEM EDS Instrument)
Room No. 133 A, CRF FESEM Lab Block No.IV
Department of Applied Mechanics
Tel.: 0111-2654 8472
Email :

Mr. Rajesh Kumar
Sr. Project Scientist
(Solid NMR, Micro Raman Spectroscopy)
Room No. Tx 110 , SMITA Lab
Department of Textile Technology
Tel.: 011-2659 6615
Email :

Mr. Animesh Bhowa l
Sr. Project Scientist
Ex- Hall Room No. MS 108 TEM Lab,
AFM Block (IV)
Tel. No.: 011-2654 8456
(FESEM Ex- Hall )
Tel.: 011-2654 8475
Email :

Mr. Utkarsh Kumar Gupta
Sr. Project Scientist
IIT Delhi Makerspace
WS131, Central Workshop
Tel.: 011-26596719(O)
Email :

Mr. Manoj Kumar Jaiswal
Sr. Project Scientist 
(FTIR , XRD, GCMS instruments)
Room No.LT1 Block 5 CRF Lab
Tel.: 011-2654 8516 (O), 011-2659-6642
Email :

Mr. Pradeep Kumar
Project Scientist
Room No. MS108, Behind CCD, Ex- Hall TEM Lab
Tel.: +91-11-2654 8474 (O)
Email : ​

Mr. Dinesh Kumar
Project Scientist
(SEM , FESEM Instrument)
CRF LT 1 Block V
Tel.: +91-11-2659 6645 (O)Email:

Mr. Nagendra Chaudhary
Sr. Project Assistant (Tech)
CRF Electrical / Instrument Maintenance
CRF LT 1 Block V IIT Delhi 110016
Tel.: +91-11-2659 6645 (O)

Mr. Mukesh Pal
Sr. Project Assistant (Admin) (CRF Office )
Room No. V04 Between Block 5 & 6
Tel.: +91-11-2654-8517 (O)
Email :

Mr. Ghan Shyam Sharma
Project Assistant (Liquid Nitrogen Plant)
Room No. 4 Block 1
Tel.: +91- 7011306977 (O)
Email :

Mr. Narinder Nath
Project Assistant (Liquid Nitrogen Plant)
Room No. 4 Block 1
Tel.: 011-2659 6114
Email :

Mr. Sanjay Kumar Singh
Project Assistant (Tech) (Femto Laser Cutting instrument)
WS 105 (Production Engineering Lab) Tel:. 011-2659-6755

Mr. K Kannan
Project Assistant (Glass Blowing Lab)
Glass Blowing Workshop, 
MS-739, 6th Floor
Department of Chemistry
Tel:. 011-2659-6513

Mr. Manoj Kumar
Senior Lab Assistant
(NMR Laboratory)
Department Of chemistry
Room No.-144, Block-5,Ground floor
Tel:. 011-2659-6516

Mr. Ankush Kumar
Jr. Project Assistant  (NMR Lab)
144, Block Vth
Tel : 011-2659-6516

Mr. Narender Sharma
Project Scientist
IIT Delhi Makerspace
WS131, Central Workshop
Tel.: 011-26596719(O)
Email :

Poornima Kamboj
Senior Lab Assistant
(NMR Laboratory Central Research Facility)
Department Of chemistry
Room No.-144, Block-5,Ground floor
Tel. +91-11-2659-6516
Email :

Ms. Rajni
Project Attendant
IIT Delhi Makerspace
WS131, Central Workshop
Tel.: 011-2659-6719
Email :

Sr. Offcial & Role Nominee
1 Dy.Director (Strategy and Planning)  ​Chairman
2 Dy. Director (Operations) Member Ex-officio
3 Dean (R&D) Member Ex-officio
4 Associate Dean Academics (PG Research) Member Director
5 Prof. Bhanu Nandan (Textile and Fibre Engineering) Member Director
6. Prof. Neetu Singh (CBME) Member Director
7 Prof. Nitya Nand Gosvami (DMSE) Member Director
8 Prof. Deepak Kumar (CART) Member Director
9 Head, CRF (Member) Ex-officio
10 Ex-Head CRF (Prof. Pankaj Srivastava) Member Ex-officio
11 Assoc. Head, CRF Member Ex-officio

Central Facilities Committee

Terms of reference:
To advise / approve major policies of CRF proposed by Head / Assoc. Head CRF
To advice / approve procurement of major instrumental facilities.
Any other matter felt relevant by Head / Assoc Head CRF
Any other matter referred to the committee by the Director.
Frequency of meetings: As and when required, a minimum of one meeting in every six months.

Get CRF Registration for External users 

1. Registration process (One Time): New Registration for external users.User Verification: Upload photo of Front side and back side of valid Identity card issued by the organization (only .jpeg format, file Size less than 1 Mb, height less than 1000 pixels, width less than 800 pixels). Undertaking: Download the undertaking template ( Download Link ). Duly filled, signed and stamped form should be uploaded in .pdf format. Confirmation: An email will be sent to the user after verification of the documents.

2.Before planning to avail the Instrument facility of CRF IIT Delhi: user must visit -> Facility -> select the desired facility from left side navigation list.  Read carefully all the relevant information such as required sample type, testing charges and instrument location. Be prepared with details of the samples.

3.Log in and Click on Booking Appointment Tab: All the information relevant to testing must be filled in instrument booking form. In case user does not provide the required information the booking is liable to be rejected. User can upload the relevant existing data of their samples that might help in the measurements.

4.Sample submission & Payment Process: Once the application is submitted, the in-charge will verify the details and approve the request.External users must wait for the approval before making the payment and submitting the samples to concerned lab. After approval the payment should be made by the user. The payment transaction details need to be submitted online before appointment date time.

5.CRF Users can pay amount online using following details:
Beneficiary/Customer's Name: IRD ACCOUNT IITD
Bank Account Number:  10773572600  
Bank Name: State Bank of India Branch Name: IIT Branch
Branch Code: 01077
please write "CRF _Instrument Name" in the Remarks section while paying. Save the receipt file and upload in the crfbooking system online against your application.Payment can also made in form of demand draft in favour of " IRD ACCOUNT IITD " Payable at New Delhi.6.IIT Delhi 
GST Number : 07AAATI0393L1ZI
PAN Number : AAATI0393L

Signup (External user)

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