Central Research Facility
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi


Central Facilities Committee

CRF Head:

Prof. Sameer Sapra

Department of Chemistry

Tel : +91-11-2659 1561 (O)

Email : sapra@chemistry.iitd.ac.in

Assoc. Head CRF :
Prof. Manidipa Banerjee

Kusuma School of Biological Sciences IIT Delhi

Tel : +91-11-2659 7538 (O)

Email : mbanerjee@bioschool.iitd.ac.in



Constitution of the Central Facilities Committee

Sr.No. Official   Nominee of
1. Dy.Director (Strategy and Planning) Chairman Director
2. Dy. Director (Operations) Member Ex-officio
3. Dean (R&D) Member Ex-officio
4. Associate Dean Academics (PG Research) Member Ex-officio
5. Prof. Monika Aggarwal (CARE) Member Director
6. Prof. Tapan K. Nayak (KSBS) Member Director
7. Prof. Jyoti Phirani (Chemical Engg Deptt.) Member Director
8. Prof. Rajesh Prasad (DMSE) Member Director
9. Head, CRF Member Ex-officio
10. Ex-Head CRF (Prof. Pankaj Srivastava) Member Ex-officio
11. Assoc. Head, CRF Member/Convener Ex-officio

Terms of reference:
  • To advise / approve major policies of CRF proposed by Head / Assoc. Head CRF
  • To advice / approve procurement of major instrumental facilities.
  • Any other matter felt relevant by Head / Assoc Head CRF
  • Any other matter referred to the committee by the Director.

Frequency of meetings: As and when required, a minimum of one meeting in every six months.