Sophisticated Analytical & Technical Help Institutes
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

Sophisticated Analytical & Technical Help Institutes (SATHI) IIT Delhi

Objectives of SATHI


To strengthen and augment the existing research-relevant infrastructure (central research facility, CRF) of basic science and technology and build facilities having capabilities to carry out research of top international standards.


Service :

To provide expertise in the analytical sciences and to facilitate research across the nation.


Training :

To engage in the analytical sciences with student community, government research labs and commercial partners.

Enabling Research:

To foster enthusiasm and collaboration in scientific research.

In the first phase, SATHI is hosted at IIT Delhi, IIT Kharagpur and BHU Varanasi. Each SATHI centre is supported with Rs. 125 crores spread over 3 years duration, starting from current FY 2019-20. SATHI facilities will be used for 80% of their available time by External Users i.e. out-side of the Host Institutes and rest 20% of available time for Internal Users of the Host Institute. The usage of the facility will be guided by the basic principle of maximum and effective utilization and accessibility to all. The users will be able to do online booking for using these facilities from any part of the country. The SATHI centre at IIT Delhi will provide fabrication, testing and sophisticated analytical facility, along with providing expert advice, mentoring to help and promote entrepreneurship, small scale and medium scale industries towards innovation, prototype and product development. The aim is to amplify and enhance capability in cutting edge areas of science and technology to achieve global leadership. All facilities procured through SATHI scheme will be housed in the Sonipat extension campus of IIT Delhi. Other facilities already established under Central Research Facility (CRF) and Nanoscale Research Facility (NRF) in IIT Delhi Hauz Khas and Sonipat campuses will also be available to all users of SATHI facilities. Availability of all these facilities will definitely boost the research eco-system and academia-industry interaction of this region in particular and of the country in general.